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Tiny Constables in the Mosaic: Modernizing Oversight of Surveillance in the Age of Big Data

I think the good news is that, with properly deployed and used
technology, there can be a much better ability than in the past to
actually track everything the government’s doing with data: what
they’re pulling together, what they’re connecting, what they’re
distributing, and to better be able to understand where the line
might be crossed requiring a warrant or other Fourth Amendment

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Second Act of a Scandal: Cue the Superlawyers and the Spinmasters

Ms. Myers said her firm was enlisted by Ms. Broadwell’s lawyers, Robert F. Muse and Joshua A. Levy, to “help Paula and her legal team navigate a crowded media environment, manage incoming requests and ensure that her story is accurately told. It’s really impossible for anyone in Paula’s situation to manage the daily avalanche of interview requests, let alone try to fact-check the stories that are out there. So it makes sense to get some help.”

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